Upholstery course

Rather than only posting finished projects and inspiration we try to post about what we’re up to every now and again as well.

Upholstered chair lionhead detail

One of the things keeping us busy at the moment is that we’ve started school again in September. Both Annelies and me have enrolled for evening classes to become professional upholsterers. It’s a full-on course, we do it one evening a week, and at this pace it will take us about 5 years to complete. But at the end of it we will be certified upholsterers.

fantasie nageltjes stoffering

We were inspired to start this course by some scraps of beautiful upholstery fabric we bought on a designer’s guild clearance sale and a nice old chair that used to be our grandmothers. We had the vision, just not the skill and it proved the be hard to find people with exactly that. In the end we did find someone: an old man who’d been doing this all his life. His technique was impressive and the end result is fabulous as you can see on the pictures attached to this post. (The old guy had his doubts about it at first, but he had to admit the combination of shiny jet black paint and the blue fabric works like a charm.) We were inspired and started considering learning how to do it ourselves and this time, rather than picking up techniques on the internet and experimenting like we do on most of ourother projects, we wanted to really learn the craft.

seating of newly upholstered chair

The course covers all aspects of upholstery, so not only the bit where you put a nice new fabric on an old chair. We learn how to take apart old chairs without damaging them too much, different techniques for inserting springs for the seating, different ways of finishing etc. We’re learning traditional techniques so we’ll have a good base of understanding to eventually learn more modern methods. The bit with the nice new fabric is the best though!

upholstered dining chair

We’re now 6 weeks in, and it’s been great. We both love the classes, and are making fast progress. So, this post is definitely to be continued, we hope to start showing you our own creations soon!

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