Nursing Cover

At a friends party last week I discovered a great breastfeedig aid: the nursing cover. A friend used this specially made cover for public breastfeeding. It is realy simple to make and allows you to comfortable breastfeed in public spaces without the hassle with blankets. With this cover you have total control and nobody can see a thing! I had a quick look at the design of her coer and made a simple version myself.

This is what you will need:
1. A piece of fabric for the cover (60 X 100 cm)
2. 2 pieces of fabric for the straps (60 X 7 cm)
3. 1 piece of boning of 30 cm long. You can buy this at any fabric store, I bough mine at Veritas
4. 2 D-shaped rings for the straps
5. 2 Triangle-shaped pieces of fabric in case you want to add pockets inside. These can be usefull for storing norsing pads or even your phone during feeding.






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How to make a teacosy

Living in England, tea is an important part of my diet (in fact I’m having one now), so when my mum gave me a gorgeous new teapot, I had to make a teacosy for it. Below are the instructions on how to make your own.

My finished tea cosy

This is a very simple one, but from this basic you can add as much embellishment as you like (in fact I think Annelies has some great ideas for that department).
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