Car seat mobile

Car seat cloud mobile by

A friend of ours recently gave birth to her second son. Because she already had all the baby stuff from her first son, I just asked her what DIY gift I could make. Turned out a mobile for Maxi Cosi would be useful and I got inspired by this white cloud mobile posted by the “Do Small Things with love” blog. Continue reading

Paper air balloon mobile

Another one for our mobile series. Rather than using fabric or felt, this one is a bit more adventurous and uses paper craft. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for origami and the like: have a look at my pinterest board here for the work I’ve found inspiring so far.

So when I came across this tutorial to make the below paper air balloon on papermatrix, I didn’t have to think long to find someone to make one of these for.

The tutorial comes with a cutting file, which I assume you can use if you’ve got one of those fancy cutting machines. I forget the name. But since I didn’t have one of those machines I used plain old scissors. I have to say it’s probably preferable to have a fancy cutting machine (christmas present?), but in the end I got there!

IMG_6020I found it really satisfying to put the balloon together, it’s great to start seeing the pattern in your weaving, and once you get the hang of it it goes really fast. The gluing at the end is  a bit less fun, very fiddly…

But the end result is definitely worth it. Hope you think so too!
Hot air balloon paper mobile

Owl mobile

Hello crafty people.

As promised here’s another project made from the Pezzy fabric collection from Moda! I wanted to make a mobile for my sister’s little one that fitted in with the overall theme she’d chosen: owls. Bang on trend, and how can you not love those cute little faces… (This is directed at my boss Jai, who loathes owls).

It actually took quite a bit of experimenting we the shape of the owl before I reached a result I was happy with, here’s some of the guys that didn’t make it through my stringent quality assurance process (yes, I said some of, I actually made more).

I’m very happy wit the shape I eventually settled for, and I think the little one appreciates it too!

How to make a cloud mobile

I made this little mobile for one of my friend’s who’s just had her first baby. I saw some similar projects online, and since these are made out of felt, they’re really easy and quick to do. The result is a very cute (if I say so myself) baby mobile! Read on for the instruction on how to make your own…

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