Washi wall

Inspired by the many decorative applications for Washi tape found around blogs and pinterest, I decided to brighten up a boring white wall in my bedroom. I still had a map of London lying around (bit nostalgic) in need of a wall, and some neon orange washi tape in need of something to stick to. This is the result:

washi wall full view

washi wall detail

I like that it brings a bright touch to my plain wall, but could have probably found a better map of London. Anyone know of any good illustrated London map?

Supply shopping

Visiting Columbia Road flower market (http://www.columbiaroad.info/) is one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday morning in London. With last weekends tropical temperatures, I did have to think twice, but ended up there anyway to be pleasantly surprised by a bout of torrential rain to cool us all down! One of my purchases that morning were these beautiful hydrangeas (by far my favourite flowers at the moment).

3 for a fiver!

But next to flowers the appeal of Columbia road for me lies in the cute shops that line the streets. One shop in particular stands out: Beyond fabrics stock gorgeous (yeah you guessed it) fabrics and trimmings. Click here to visit their online shop. I bough this lovely ribbon and some coordinating cotton webbing:

Ribbon and cotton webbing

Can you guess what I’m planning to make with these?

A guide to learning how to knit in London

Kicking off this new blog with an exciting topic: knitting!

I’ve recently learn how to knit again (I learnt before from my gran when I was a little girl), luckily it’s like riding a bike, the movements still seemed to be in my fingers. What wasn’t like riding a bike was learning how to purl. I had never learned how to do this before, and it felt really jarring at first. But I managed to get over my initial scepticisim and now I’m enjoying my new-found ability to create all sorts of great patterns.

Here’s how I went about learning to knit: Continue reading