Pink knitted cushion

A day later than promised but here’s the end result. I made this cushion as a housewarming gift for a friend. We didn’t actually get round to the housewarming, but I’m staying in their spare room at the moment (long story!), so that was an even better reason to give it. I love the bright colour and the pattern, although I do wish i’d knitted with a bit more tension, it’s a bit to loose for my liking.

I wanted to vary the pattern a bit from the previous cushion I made, so I made it a bit simpler. I was trying for squares but I love the woven effect I accidentally created.

What do you think? Nice gift?

Pretty in pink

I really need to get a good camera, taking pictures with my iPhone doesn’t look that great!

A guide to learning how to knit in London

Kicking off this new blog with an exciting topic: knitting!

I’ve recently learn how to knit again (I learnt before from my gran when I was a little girl), luckily it’s like riding a bike, the movements still seemed to be in my fingers. What wasn’t like riding a bike was learning how to purl. I had never learned how to do this before, and it felt really jarring at first. But I managed to get over my initial scepticisim and now I’m enjoying my new-found ability to create all sorts of great patterns.

Here’s how I went about learning to knit: Continue reading