Car seat mobile

Car seat cloud mobile by

A friend of ours recently gave birth to her second son. Because she already had all the baby stuff from her first son, I just asked her what DIY gift I could make. Turned out a mobile for Maxi Cosi would be useful and I got inspired by this white cloud mobile posted by the “Do Small Things with love” blog. Continue reading

Baby crib mobile

Baby crib mobile
This baby mobile was made to go with the colour block quilt we posted earlier this month.

From our experience, babies are more interested in mobiles that contain a combination of bold shapes and colours. Therefore we choose an easy star shape and decided to work with contrasting colours on each shape that are also used in the blanket. This way the quilt and mobile match well together and the baby is stimulated by the mobile (which benefits the parents as well). Continue reading

Sweet tea by Khristian A. Howell

Hi there lovely reader

We’re taking a break for about a week, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so here’s a nice little fabric feature before we go:

There are lots of new fabric lines coming out, which seems to be the direct consequence of quilt market, a mysterious (for me in far Europe anyway) event that seems to have the whole craft world attending.
I have picked up a few favourite upcoming fabrics and will be sharing them over the next couple of weeks with you.
To kick off here’s Sweet Tea by Khristian A. Howell at Anthology fabrics. They’re extending their collection on print fabrics (luckily as the batik stuff really isn’t my, excuse the pun, cup of tea). What attracted me most in this collection was the teal and tangerine palette, and the simplicity of the graphic patterns. There are also some floral pattern in this line, but I’ve left them out as I prefer the more abstract patterns.
Find out more about the collection here:

I think these would make a really great project, just have to decide what, but since it’s only coming out in July, I have some more time to think about it!

What would you make with these?

Nursing Cover

At a friends party last week I discovered a great breastfeedig aid: the nursing cover. A friend used this specially made cover for public breastfeeding. It is realy simple to make and allows you to comfortable breastfeed in public spaces without the hassle with blankets. With this cover you have total control and nobody can see a thing! I had a quick look at the design of her coer and made a simple version myself.

This is what you will need:
1. A piece of fabric for the cover (60 X 100 cm)
2. 2 pieces of fabric for the straps (60 X 7 cm)
3. 1 piece of boning of 30 cm long. You can buy this at any fabric store, I bough mine at Veritas
4. 2 D-shaped rings for the straps
5. 2 Triangle-shaped pieces of fabric in case you want to add pockets inside. These can be usefull for storing norsing pads or even your phone during feeding.






Continue reading

Fabric feature – Pezzy by American Jane

Absolutely love Pezzy by American Jane at Moda:
The print feels retro, but simple enough to use in a variety of projects, and the muted candy colours are just gorgeous.
I bought some of the yellow and blue, and will soon be sharing a very special project for little Lilly made with these fabrics…

Spec sheet from Moda here:

x Stef