Paper air balloon mobile

Another one for our mobile series. Rather than using fabric or felt, this one is a bit more adventurous and uses paper craft. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for origami and the like: have a look at my pinterest board here for the work I’ve found inspiring so far.

So when I came across this tutorial to make the below paper air balloon on papermatrix, I didn’t have to think long to find someone to make one of these for.

The tutorial comes with a cutting file, which I assume you can use if you’ve got one of those fancy cutting machines. I forget the name. But since I didn’t have one of those machines I used plain old scissors. I have to say it’s probably preferable to have a fancy cutting machine (christmas present?), but in the end I got there!

IMG_6020I found it really satisfying to put the balloon together, it’s great to start seeing the pattern in your weaving, and once you get the hang of it it goes really fast. The gluing at the end is  a bit less fun, very fiddly…

But the end result is definitely worth it. Hope you think so too!
Hot air balloon paper mobile

Mother’s day gift wrap

Today was Mother’s day in Belgium, and since I was actually lucky enough to be in the same country as my mum this time around, I had to make something special our of the gift wrap. With a few basic tools:

I made this lovely gift wrap for Mother’s day:

Needless to say Mum was impressed (and even more with the voucher for a sport car experience that was inside it, great idea Annelies!). The original tutorial via Martha Stewart can be found here:

Also a massive congratulations to my big sister Annelies, happy first mother’s day!

xxx Stef