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My boyfriend Tom’s granny was an avid quilter. Unfortunately I never met her, I would have loved to have a chance to talk to her about her work. She created an amazing collection of quilts for family, friends and charity. I’m so lucky to have one of these at home, and to be able to admire a few more of them at Tom’s parents’ place.

So it only made sense to devote a series of posts to this great lady and her work. This is the first one, made for Tom’s little sister Jenny. A lovely cream and floral pattern quilt (I have a sneaky suspicion the floral fabric might be from Liberty, as I’ve been told she liked to use fabrics from their collections). It’s big enough for a king size bed, and the amount of detail on it is staggering, this most have taken many hours to make.

But enough talking, the photos show off the work much better than I can!

Some gorgeous free hand quilting design:

And painstaking piecing work:

Combined into a beautiful quilt:


6 thoughts on “Quilting inspiration – Doreen Wild

  1. Tom’s granny was my Mum, so great to see her work appreciated. Not only was she very creative, but also very humble. Quilting was her ‘spiritual practice’ it gave her great piece of mind. When you visit us next we can show you another whole set of Granny’s wonderful quilts. Rob (Uncle)

    • Hi Rob, thanks for the comment, would love to see some more, hopefully it won’t be too long until we can come over again!

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