PoufHere is another Ikea fabric project. My inspiration came from the Rollie Pollie from Dana Made it that I spotted on Pinterest.

I used a bean bag pouf pattern from the Sew! by Cath Kidston book and altered it a bit. As I have a child and she will want to jump on the bean bag pouf, I made an inner bag of plain cotton and double stitched all the pattern pieces. For the filling I used Polystyrene Bean Bag Fill from an old bean bag I still had. Some prefer bean bag chairs to be about half filled for more of a “sink-in” feeling while for this project I almost filled it to the top for a firm pouf.

Instead of adding the zip to the side of the pouf in the crease, I added the zip across the middle of the pouf on the bottom. This way I could add more fill to the pouf and still insert the inner bean bag in the cover. Also, the pattern on this fabric compliments this very well.

If you filled the inner bean bag to the top as I did it is not easy to get the bean bag in the cover! At one point I was about to give up but patience because it does work 1mm at a time! Good news though because over time the filling becomes compressed through frequent use so it will get easier to insert the inner bag when you need to wash the cover.


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