Hama bead bowls

I first spotted these cute multi coloured bowls on Mme Zsazsa’s blog: http://madamezsazsa.blogspot.be/2012/12/10-minuten-op-200-graden.html and have seen them pop up on pinterest and various blogs since. Ok, so I’m not very original, never claimed to be, but I did put my own spin on them. Since I don’t have any kids and I’m trying to justify playing around with hama beads at my age, I’ve chosen to go for a more grown up version.hama or perler bead bowl in neon pink

I made them in two colours and varying sizes. Neon pink as it’s definitely my favourite colour and is also very conveniently ‘in’ right now. And a solid white, to balance it out a bit. The result is pretty but smells a bit like butter. Actually, that’s not a but, I love the smell of butter. These bowls are super easy to make, and they can add a nice colourful touch to your home, why don’t you give it a try?hama or perler bead bowl in neon pink

PS: turns out they’re not so grown up after all:Glow in the dark perler bead bowls

On a break

You might have guessed by the silence and occasional tumbleweed passing by. We’ve taken a bit of a break. The weather has been exceptionally good in Belgium this year, and well, it’s just been too good to sit inside and write blogposts or edit pictures. It doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy though, and soon we’ll be back with tales of the projects we’ve been working on, and (more entertaining perhaps) the mistakes we made along the way. In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine xsunshine

Handmade quilt and bibs

Really, we’ll use any excuse to start making something. But a new baby is definitely one of the better ones. When our friend Shirley told us she was having another baby we couldn’t wait to make something. For her firstborn we made this cute little cloud shaped mobile.

So now we had to pick something different (I secretly have to admit that mobiles are probably our favourite thing to make). Together with the proud new mum to be we picked out a fabric that would coordinate with the birth announcement card. She didn’t have a clue what we were planning to make, but it was fun being able to incorporate her in a part of the decision making process… We chose this gorgeous red apple fabric, for those of you living in Belgium, it’s part of the new Veritas line of crafting fabrics.

Veritas red apple fabric

Woops, ignore the bad stitching

Then to decide what to do with it. We’ve made some quilts before, and I think it makes a lovely versatile gift: use it as a blanket, put it on the floor to play on, use it in a crib. So one of those was definitely on the list. Then we added some bibs, because Annelies is very good at making them (I still haven’t tried one) and well they’re super useful, obvious. So here’s the final gift:


Three cute and practical bibs

bibs detail

The cute ribbon detail was actually added to hide the bad finishing, but shhh

red apple fabric quilt

The finished quilt

Quilt detail

Detail of the quilt

bibs and quilt

The whole finished lot, ready to wrap up

We’re pretty proud of this one!

Washi wall

Inspired by the many decorative applications for Washi tape found around blogs and pinterest, I decided to brighten up a boring white wall in my bedroom. I still had a map of London lying around (bit nostalgic) in need of a wall, and some neon orange washi tape in need of something to stick to. This is the result:

washi wall full view

washi wall detail

I like that it brings a bright touch to my plain wall, but could have probably found a better map of London. Anyone know of any good illustrated London map?


Studs are totally the rage.

I found this nice pink sweater at Vero Moda but it looked a bit boring. Perfect project for some quick simple pimping.

Studs are available in many different shops. I found an online shop (www.studskopen.nl) that offers different sizes, shapes and colours and for 6.99 you already have 100 studs!!

Adding studs is really simple, all you need is studs, and article of clothing and something to fold stud prongs down (I used needle-nose plyers but it also worked just using my thumbs).

I started off with a triangle design but ended up just adding one line of studs to each shoulder. If you want to do a design, I suggest you create the design on scotch tape first. This way you can hold it above you clothing to determine where is should go and how large you want to make it.

Another great pimp is to add one or more studs to the pocket rim of a simple t-shirt with pocket. Instantly looks posh. Try to find a colour of stud that stands out against the colour of the t-shirt for maximum impact.



Must see: rijksstudio

Experimenting with a new post format just highlighting some cool stuff we found around the interwebs. Very simple: just an image, a link and a few sentences description. Think of it as a curation of our pins. So here goes:

The rijksmuseum of Amsterdam just launched a website where you can download images of the works in their collection, high res and for free. According to the museum protecting copyright is difficult in this digital age and they’d rather see good reproductions of their work than bad ones, hence this amazing initiative. Now go create. https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/nl/rijksstudio

Rijksmuseum image

Enzo Mari Table

I have the best brother in law in the world. I should probably not put this in writing, he wìll use it against me. Sometimes though, you just have to say things like they are.

I hope you are now wondering what he’s done to deserve this title. Well, he built me a table. Not just any table, a full size (seats 6 to 8) Enzo Mari design, dining table. For those unfamiliar with Enzo Mari, as I was to be honest, Wikipedia tells us he is an Italian artist and furniture designer. One of the things he’s famous for is his book Autoprogettazione, a manual for constructing easy-to-assemble furniture. He explains how to build tables, chairs and even a bed with just a few tools and widely available materials.

So for my combined christmas, easter and birthday present for, euhm, about the next five years… he built me this tabe:

Enzo Mari design table made by Filip Cossement - full view

He added his own inspiration to the design: on top of the basic construction he built a tabletop consisting of under parquet tiles (this is literally translated from the dutch ‘onderparket tegels’, I have no clue what the correct translation is!).

Enzo Mari design table made by Filip Cossement - view of the table leg

Enzo Mari design table made by Filip Cossement - table surface

Enzo Mari design table made by Filip Cossement - table surface

The result is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks Filip!

Polished up

This is one of Annelies’s ideas, such a simple way to add some colour to some plain fake pearl earrings. I guess you could try it on any piece of jewellery with a light and even base colour when you get a bit tired of it. Just four steps are required to transform your plain white studs to new and brightly coloured accessories:

1. Gather your favourite nailpolish coloursIMG_6354

2. Stick your earrings on a cardboard surface: makes it easy to paint the earrings without them spinning around too much and without painting your nails. (Unless that is required off course, in which case, multitask away! And let me know how you get on)IMG_6352

3. Paint! I opted for plain colours, but the sky is the limit here. You can pick up some fun nailpolish painting tricks on here: http://thebeautydepartment.com/ Search for ‘nailed it’ (one of our favourite blogs!)IMG_6355

4. Let dry and wear them. Or put them in your jewellery box and take some pictures to show off. My absolute favourite are the neon pink ones.IMG_6361

That’s it! Let us know if you give it a try…