Nursing Cover

At a friends party last week I discovered a great breastfeedig aid: the nursing cover. A friend used this specially made cover for public breastfeeding. It is realy simple to make and allows you to comfortable breastfeed in public spaces without the hassle with blankets. With this cover you have total control and nobody can see a thing! I had a quick look at the design of her coer and made a simple version myself.

This is what you will need:
1. A piece of fabric for the cover (60 X 100 cm)
2. 2 pieces of fabric for the straps (60 X 7 cm)
3. 1 piece of boning of 30 cm long. You can buy this at any fabric store, I bough mine at Veritas
4. 2 D-shaped rings for the straps
5. 2 Triangle-shaped pieces of fabric in case you want to add pockets inside. These can be usefull for storing norsing pads or even your phone during feeding.







Step 1:
Fold over 1.5cm of the longest side of the triangles and sew so your pocket will have a clean border. Sew the triangles to the bottom corners of the nursing cover. The pockets will be on the inside of the cover. Sew the wrong sides of the fabric together.







Step 2:
Take the nursing cover and fold over 1.5cm of the sides and bottom and Iron. Then fold over 1.5 cm again and secure this with pins. Then sew this in place with a straight stich.















Step 3:
Now fold over 1.5 cm on the top of the cover and then 1.5 cm again. Fold your fabric in 1/2 and mark with a pin 16 cm from the fold. Do this on both sides. This 32m mark will be where we will isert the boning at a later stage. Now sew from the corners to the mark and then sew from the top down to secure the boning.









Step 4:
Insert the boning in the free space and sew close









Step 5:
Fold the strap pieces in half with the right sides facing. Sew along the long side. Make sure the piece will fit the size of D-rings you bought. Then turn the fabric inside out using a safety pin. Iron the straps with the seam in the middle. Fold in the ends and sew. On one strap you will need to sew in both D-rings.



















Step 6:
Attach the straps to either sides of the boning and your nursing cover is ready. I will soon post a picture of my finished product in use 🙂


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