Neon detail blanket

First of all, happy New Year! What better way to start off the New Year with a cosy blanket? (Unless you live in the southern hemisphere off course…)

In september we went to the fabric sale of Strass, a brand of cute kids clothing. (ย They sell off their surplus fabrics at the end of each collection. Sample sales like these are a great way to score some interesting fabrics, at very decent prizes. teddy throw with neon piping

I bought some off white teddy fabric and a great black and white chequered knit fabrics. The squares are tiny, so from far off it looks like a grey knit, but I love the detail if you look closer. Turning these soft and warm fabrics into a cosy couch blanket made sense, they are such warm fabrics, but I needed something to set off the neutral colours, so I added some neon orange piping chord from Veritas…material for neon detail blanket

To assemble the neon detail blanket I trimmed the two pieces of fabric to match in size. Then I simply sewed the two fabrics together, right sides facing with the piping chord sandwiched in between. Leaving a little gap at the end to turn the blanker right side out! (Don’t forget ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) After turning inside out I simply added one more line of stitching over the edges and piping chord to secure the seam, and that was that…cosy blanket with neon binding

…well, until i checked and found a good few patches I had to go over again, but that’s the way it goes ๐Ÿ˜‰neon orange binding

I considered quilting the fabrics, as I wasn’t sure if the fact that the fabric is only sewn together at the edges and not down the middle would cause any problems. But the knit and the teddy seem to stick to each other naturally, and because it’s such a soft, cosy blanket it doesn’t really matter. If you really wanted to, you could use a fusible lining inside to bond the two sides together, but for me that wasn’t necessary.blanket on chair

Hope you like the end result as much as I do!closeup of binding on throw

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