Letterpress tray to jewelry organiser

I bought this lovely letterpress tray on eBay:

It’s such a beautiful piece, especially love the little details: engraved handle, brass plates covering the corners, and a little card slot on the side…

This is the story of how this this little beauty was transformed into a display case for my jewelry.

I found a great tutorial on Apron Thrift Girl’s blog, link here. Let me know if you have any great ideas or if you’ve seen similar projects?

The first step was to stain and varnish the wood, I wanted it a bit darker and with a nice shiny finish, I used a varnish and stain combination (I didn’t have the patience to do them separately). It’s a bit of a fiddly job with all the little boxes, but in the end I think It’s looking good, if you don’t look too closely that is!

It was hard to decide what kind of paper I wanted in there, there’s so many lovely free patterns around, and I considered doing some Japanese inspired printouts for a while…. I got a lovely pattern from this website http://wanokoto.net/japonizes It lets you generate patterns with traditional Japanese motifs in colours of your choice. This is the result:

But I’d been seeing a lot of great paint swatch projects lately: http://pinterest.com/stefaniewarreyn/paint-swatches/So I decided to give that a go, here it is:

That’s the one I decided to go with, after adding a few nails to hang up my rings etc, this is the finished product:

Now I have a great excuse to buy more jewelry 😀

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