Lamp Shade

When I redid our night stands a couple of weeks ago, the old bedside lamp I had looked a bit odd and did not match my bedroom anymore. So I dedcided to pimp the lamp shade to make it match the bedroom. I found some great ideas online and realy like this Yarn Lampshade tutorial by Vintage Revivals (website: )

I will keep this in mind for a future project (maybe the baby room) and decided to use a piece of fabric I found in the 2nd hand shop “De Kringloopwinkel”. This is the lamp as it was:

I took the measurements of the lamp shade and drew it out on the fabric. Be sure to add an extra rim in order to be able to sew it together. For this particular lamp shade, the pattern looks like this: lamp cover pattern. Now sew it togehter and pull it over the lamp shade like a sock. The op bit I handstiched together and the result looks like this:

On the night stand:

Because I used a tick fabric the light is not suitable for reading but it gives a nice a cosy light in the bedroom.

Hope you like it!




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