How to make a cloud mobile

I made this little mobile for one of my friend’s who’s just had her first baby. I saw some similar projects online, and since these are made out of felt, they’re really easy and quick to do. The result is a very cute (if I say so myself) baby mobile! Read on for the instruction on how to make your own…

What you need:
– 12 sheets of felt in rainbow colours, make sure to have one yellow and one orange, plus 1 large sheet or two smaller ones of white felt.
– DMC embroidery thread, the colour variation kind, one for each colour group plus a solid white.
– scissors
– needle
– wire clothes hanger to make the frame
– pliers with wire cutter for the frame

Step by step:

First step is to get a few sheet of felt in an assortment of rainbow colours. Just plain old crafting felt will do the job. Also get a large sheet or two normal sheets of white. Use the pattern to determine how much you will need.

Second step is to print out the pattern. I’ve created it for an A4 size, which I think gets you exactly the right size of mobile, but you can scale it up or down if you want to (don’t scale it down much, it will become really fiddly. Then just cut out the pieces:
– 10 pieces of the cloud shape in white
– 2 pieces of the circle for the sun in yellow (without the triangles)
– 1 piece of the circle for the sun including the triangles in a dark yellow or orange
– 24 raindrops, 2 for each colour (12 different colours)
Download your free clouds and raindrops felt mobile pattern here!

Next we start sewing them together. I used DMC embroidery thread, the colour variation kind, to create a subtle gradation effect. It adds an extra dimension, but just a solid colour will do the trick as well. Try and use colours similar but slightly lighter or darker than your felt, you want the stitching to stand out(except for the clouds where I used white on white). Start at the top of each shape with a knot and use a simple running stitch along the edge to stitch each two pairs of felt together, leaving a small gap to insert the filling before continuing the running stitch back to the starting point, then make a knot to secure the stitching and leave an end of thread 10 cm long.

Finally, once all indvidual pieces have been filled and stitched close, assemble everything: three raindrops on each cloud. Try to space them evenly. Don’t attach any raindrops to the cloud with the sun. Then assemble the frame according to this tutorial and attach the 4 clouds with raindrops to the ends of the short pieces and the cloud with sun to the middle of the long piece.

Et voila, a beautiful gift for a friend, or yourself!

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