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I bought new fabric and was inspired by this post from Lula Louise to make a half-circle zippered pouch. I started this project a bit late in the evening so I did not bother with the wrist strap, however they look very cute.

As Lula Louise also mentions, these are very quick to make and ideal to use up scraps o fabric left from other projects. And one can never have enough zipper pouches! I love using them to keep my handbag organised, to take baby stuff with me without having to carry a full diaper bag, to give to friends as a gift, ….

Zipper bag

I received an order from Spoonflower this week and I also bought some fabric from Ikea recently that has not yet been used. Therefore this small project was perfect to get creative even though I did not have much time 🙂

Here are the fabrics I used for my two little bags:

Pouch - Ikea
Inside: SOFIA

*The Ikea cotton is perfect for zipper pouches. They have good designs, good prices and the cotton is thick enough to be durable.


Pouch - Spoonflower



Outside: Aztec stripe spring by KIMSA (BASIC COMBED COTTON)
Inside: For the inside I used a fabric scrap from a piece a bought in Den Boom

Note for ordering fabric from Spoonflower when living in Belgium.
If you want to avoind paying an additional 25 euro in tax for just 2 yards of fabric make sure the value of you shipping is less than 22 euros. For more information, see this link from bpost.


Hope you like them!

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