Gold painted rompers

I purchased some gold coloured fabric paint a while ago to up cycle my babies white rompers. First I wanted to stencil using freezer paper. However after visiting numerous art supply shops, I still did not find any freezer paper. Apparently I need to search for this in quilt stores.

In the meantime, I decided to try and paint some shapes onto the rompers using regular scotch magic tape. I worked surprisingly well! I started with a star shape. I printed a star and then cut out the shape. Holding the shape in place on the romper, I taped around the shape using the scotch. After I ensured all the tape was securely in place, I painted the fabric using a regular paint brush. To fix the colour, I ironed on the reverse side of the decorated fabric for 3 minutes on cotton position as per instructions on the paint. Once fixed, the designs resist machine washing at 40°C.

The star worked out very well so I also tried triangles and stripes as you can see in the pictures above and below. Another shape you could try is Chevron. For more inspiration on shapes check out Spoonflower.

What you need:
Gold fabric paint (I used Pébéo Setacolor gold by Schleiper)
White rompers (Primark)
Schotch magic tape
Paint brush

The only disadvantage with this technique is that you are limited to straight shapes. I will continue my search for freezer paper so I can start stencilling with this gold paint…

To be continued….

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