Gold fabric paint

I took out the paint again!

I have this gold fabric paint I used to pimp some rompers (see previous post) and used it to pimp a pair of pink baby trouser I bought for Lilly. I only did one side as it might look too much like a costume if there is a thick stripe on each side.

The technique I used is the same again, so you’ll need:
– Scotch tape
– Fabric paint
– A brush
– A piece of newspaper to protect the clothing

– Put a piece of newspaper in the leg of the trouser. This will prevent paint to go on the back side of the trouser.
– Tape 3 lines of scotch tape along the length of the leg. Start with the middle one and centre it well.
– Remove the middle piece of tape. This will leave you with a straight line.
– Now use the brush to paint over this line and let the paint dry. I repeated this twice.
– Once the paint is dry you can remove the tape.
– Iron over the paint to make it set. I used a kitchen towel between the iron and the paint. It is important to wait until the paint is completely dry. So if you used two layers of paint this might take a while. For me I left it dry in the sun for 1/2 day just to be sure.
– Now the trousers are ready to wear and wash. In the top picture these trousers had been washed twice already at 40°.

Hope this inspired you, please share any fabric paint projects you did yourself!

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