Fabric feature – Parson Gray

I realise I’m a bit late in posting about Parson Gray’s Curious nature line. But then again we’ve only just started our blog, and I’m so in love with this line of fabric that I need to share it!

Parson Gray is the husband of Amy Butler (of textile design fame), and has this year launched his first fabric line. I love this line because it’s so different from most styles available in craft and quilting fabric, it’s simple but elegant with dark colours and a very manly feel. Although I love pastels and flowery fabric, I prefer to reserve that kind of thing for gifts for baby rooms. But the Curious nature line is something I can see myself using for my living room or bedroom…

The colours remind me of moss covered tree barks in a gloomy forest…

Photo © Tom Danvers - Beech Wood, Devon

Find out more about Parson Gray here: http://www.parsongray.com/the-wares/textiles/



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