Elbow Patches

We all have our favourite sweater we do not get rid off even if it shows some serious signs of wear and tear. Well one of my friends had this problem with his blue cardigan. Both sleeves have rather large wholes at the elbows. He already purchased some ready made elbow patches but didn’t like any of them to match his sweater. So I offered to pimp his elbow patches.

He chose a blue and white chequered fabric from my fabric scraps and using fusible paper (used for appliqué) I just fused the fabric he choose to the patched he already bought. This way I reinforced the fabric and I had a ready made pattern to use. See my previous blog on appilqué here for instructions on how to fuse the fabric to your choice to existing patches.

Then just stitch the patches to the sweater and my friend can now continue to enjoy his favourite sweater for many more months!

Note for uncareful readers: If you by accident iron on the glue side of the paper and have the glue all over your iron (like I did), this blog has a cheap and easy trick on how to remove it from your iron. I went for the tooth brush and vinegar trick and it worked like a charm! (click here for At Random blog)

This whole project was finished in under 30 minutes (excluding the time it took me to take the glue off my iron), so it is a cheap and quick way to pimp your clothes or save your favourite clothes.

Hope you like the new patches and it gave some inspiration for your future projects.



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