In Belgium it is custom to offer chocolate or candy as a gift to people who come and visit your newborn baby. We call it doopsuiker, which is literally translated baptism sugar. Although nowadays it is given with birth regardless weather the child is baptised or not. Other names are suikerbonen (= sugar beans) or dragees. 

I wanted to make something myself to hold the sugar beans and decided to go for a little felt bag shaped as an owl to go with the theme. These little owl where quite a bit of work and I wanted approximately 90 of them. I asked my mum and sister for some help. So for Christmas last year I handed both of them a bag with everything they needed to make 30 each. The bag contained the pattern. Sheets of felt, thread and needles, buttons for the eyes, glue for the little noses and ribbon to hang them.

The sugar beans I purchased from De Bock in Belgium (website). They have 5 kinds of sugar beans you can choose from and a ton of different colours. The chocolate they use is also very yummy! Since I did not know the sex of the baby I choose yellow and grey as neutral colours.

The boyfriend then created this gigantic three to hang them from so we could display the little owls in the hospital and later back home.

Because I did not know the sex of the baby, we had two stamps made with the baby names (boy and girl). The evening Lilly was born, the boyfriend together with the godmother and godfather had to stamp the back of each owl using fabric paint. This is why you have to choose a godfather and godmother 🙂

So again a huge thank you to my boyfriend, sister and mum for all the help! Without them I would have just purchased carton boxes! 


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