DIY baby gift

DIY Baby gift

Here are the instructions for this little gift set I made for my colleague’s beautiful little boy!

Card & gift tag: free printable from LOVE vs. DESIGN (website)
Romper: Use a plain white romper + fabric paint

I used a technique I once came across on the internet but I can no longer find the website…

Instead of using freezer papers (not that common in Europe), use the packaging paper from printer paper. If you look at packaging of printer paper closely you’ll see that one side is shiny and the other side is just plain paper. If you lay the shiny side on fabric an iron on the paper side, the paper will slightly stick to the fabric and will easily peel of once the paint has dried leaving no marks.

Just cut out an A4 piece of the printer paper packaging so you can feed it through the printer. Choose the fond or picture you would like to paint onto the fabric and print it on the paper side of the fabric. Then with a small Stanley knife cut out the printed text of picture and iron the paper (shiny side down) in the centre of the romper. Now you can paint the romper, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the paint has dries you can just peel of the paper and set fabric paint by ironing over it a few minutes.



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