Work in progress: homemade wooden bench with pipes

I love this hand made pipe bench project by HomeMade Modern:Home made bench by homemade modern

The combination of an industrial look with the use of pure materials (iron and wood) really does it for me. Needless to say this project is high up on my to do list. I’ve already bought the pipes, just need to buy the wood and assemble the lot. Two negative points:  I’m  a bit worried about the ends of the pipes damaging my wooden floors and at about €50  for the pipes, and looking at at least another €50 for a piece of wood sturdy enough, this isn’t the cheapest DIY project out there.

On the other hand: this will last forever as the materials used are very solid and it’s a timeless look. I can probably find a way of protecting the pipe ends too… Suggestions anyone?

How to make perler or hama bead bowls

By popular demand (ie: 2 people asked me), here’s a short how to on the bowls I posted a few days ago.

First of all, for those of you that don’t know, perler or hama beads are little plastic fusible beads (strijkparels). Typically fused using an iron, in this case it’s done in an oven. I bought mine on Amazon, but you can find them in any good toy store, and even Ikea. Continue reading

Hama bead bowls

I first spotted these cute multi coloured bowls on Mme Zsazsa’s blog: and have seen them pop up on pinterest and various blogs since. Ok, so I’m not very original, never claimed to be, but I did put my own spin on them. Since I don’t have any kids and I’m trying to justify playing around with hama beads at my age, I’ve chosen to go for a more grown up version.hama or perler bead bowl in neon pink

I made them in two colours and varying sizes. Neon pink as it’s definitely my favourite colour and is also very conveniently ‘in’ right now. And a solid white, to balance it out a bit. The result is pretty but smells a bit like butter. Actually, that’s not a but, I love the smell of butter. These bowls are super easy to make, and they can add a nice colourful touch to your home, why don’t you give it a try?hama or perler bead bowl in neon pink

PS: turns out they’re not so grown up after all:Glow in the dark perler bead bowls

Must see: rijksstudio

Experimenting with a new post format just highlighting some cool stuff we found around the interwebs. Very simple: just an image, a link and a few sentences description. Think of it as a curation of our pins. So here goes:

The rijksmuseum of Amsterdam just launched a website where you can download images of the works in their collection, high res and for free. According to the museum protecting copyright is difficult in this digital age and they’d rather see good reproductions of their work than bad ones, hence this amazing initiative. Now go create.

Rijksmuseum image