Must see: rijksstudio

Experimenting with a new post format just highlighting some cool stuff we found around the interwebs. Very simple: just an image, a link and a few sentences description. Think of it as a curation of our pins. So here goes:

The rijksmuseum of Amsterdam just launched a website where you can download images of the works in their collection, high res and for free. According to the museum protecting copyright is difficult in this digital age and they’d rather see good reproductions of their work than bad ones, hence this amazing initiative. Now go create.

Rijksmuseum image

Stiel en Stijl en De Vitrine

I’m officially back in Belgium and next to pleasant activities involving a lot of paperwork such as getting my health insurance sorted, I’ve also found some time for more tedious tasks like visiting craft fairs. (very bad joke I know) Luck was on my side, not only was there one but two of these in the weeks after I’d moved. I’ve enjoyed visiting both Stiel en stijl in Kortbeek-Lo en De Vitrine in Brugge. Both fairs were in fabulous locations, but I especially marvelled at the old industrial location De Vitrine was at,
La Brugeoise.

But enough about the locations, what I’m sure your most interested in is the goodies displayed! Both fairs had a lot of stands in common, Belgium is only a small country after all, so I’ve listed some of the ones that caught my eye specifically:

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Stiel en Stijl

I’m in a great mood today, except for the fact that I’m working late and still in the office (I would probably not be working so late if I wasn’t ‘wasting my time’ writing a blog instead of working). The reason I’m exited is that I was just reading about an event called Stiel en Stijl on Elza D’s blog.
While I’ve heard about this event before, I haven’t been able to attend yet, it’s a bit far when you live in London. But since I’m moving to Belgium at the end of October – hereby I announce that I’m moving back to Belgium at the end of October – I’ll actually be able to go this year…

Stiel and Stijl is a collective from the area around Leuven in Belgium, they organise a once a year event to exhibit and sell handmade work. This year’s event also features the following:
– book signing session by the likes of Mme Zsazsa of ‘Allemaal rokjes’ fame
– live music
– workshops
More info here:
This is off course exactly our cup of tea, and me and Annelies will be going, hope to see you there!

Surely this a valid proof to my London friends that I’m not completely crazy moving to Belgium??

Supply shopping

Visiting Columbia Road flower market ( is one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday morning in London. With last weekends tropical temperatures, I did have to think twice, but ended up there anyway to be pleasantly surprised by a bout of torrential rain to cool us all down! One of my purchases that morning were these beautiful hydrangeas (by far my favourite flowers at the moment).

3 for a fiver!

But next to flowers the appeal of Columbia road for me lies in the cute shops that line the streets. One shop in particular stands out: Beyond fabrics stock gorgeous (yeah you guessed it) fabrics and trimmings. Click here to visit their online shop. I bough this lovely ribbon and some coordinating cotton webbing:

Ribbon and cotton webbing

Can you guess what I’m planning to make with these?

First shoe collection

My little girl is only 3 month and we have already purchased her first shoe collection! There was a sale of the Antwerp based designer Nathalie Verlinden and the shoes are just to cute we could simply not resist! I lover everything about them: the colour, the design, the details… and not to forget they are good shoes with proper support for baby’s first steps. You can find the points of sale for Nathalie Verlinden Shoes on her website here. Continue reading

Knight hoodie

A short post today, I don’t know if you heard about the hoodie that made Esty crash this week.
Some clever designer created a very cool hoodie shaped to look like a knight’s armour. I think both the crafting world and the geek world jumped on this one, with the designs going viral within a few hours and final crashing the designer’s Etsy account. It really isn’t a surprise, have a look:

Full story over here:
My geeky boyfriend alerted me to this story, I’m pretty sure he wants one!
Here’s the Etsy listing: (LOVE the description)

Would you want one of these, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

Personalised topshop bag

I love my new personalised topshop bag.
I bought this bags a few weeks ago and as soon as I saw it in the shop, I know I had to use the holes to create some fun cross stitch effect. I had some left over chunky yarn (from this project🙂 and so started using that to create a heart cross stitch pattern. Only, I realised halfway through that the yarn was too thick, so I left it at single diagonal stitches and I actually love the effect.

Cross stitch personalised Topshop bag

Details of the stitches

I first spotted this idea on a Fossil bag, apparently they have a bag (Mason) specially made to embellish with cross stitching, as you can see from the picture below, the result is gorgeous. Continue reading