Studs are totally the rage.

I found this nice pink sweater at Vero Moda but it looked a bit boring. Perfect project for some quick simple pimping.

Studs are available in many different shops. I found an online shop ( that offers different sizes, shapes and colours and for 6.99 you already have 100 studs!!

Adding studs is really simple, all you need is studs, and article of clothing and something to fold stud prongs down (I used needle-nose plyers but it also worked just using my thumbs).

I started off with a triangle design but ended up just adding one line of studs to each shoulder. If you want to do a design, I suggest you create the design on scotch tape first. This way you can hold it above you clothing to determine where is should go and how large you want to make it.

Another great pimp is to add one or more studs to the pocket rim of a simple t-shirt with pocket. Instantly looks posh. Try to find a colour of stud that stands out against the colour of the t-shirt for maximum impact.



Polished up

This is one of Annelies’s ideas, such a simple way to add some colour to some plain fake pearl earrings. I guess you could try it on any piece of jewellery with a light and even base colour when you get a bit tired of it. Just four steps are required to transform your plain white studs to new and brightly coloured accessories:

1. Gather your favourite nailpolish coloursIMG_6354

2. Stick your earrings on a cardboard surface: makes it easy to paint the earrings without them spinning around too much and without painting your nails. (Unless that is required off course, in which case, multitask away! And let me know how you get on)IMG_6352

3. Paint! I opted for plain colours, but the sky is the limit here. You can pick up some fun nailpolish painting tricks on here: Search for ‘nailed it’ (one of our favourite blogs!)IMG_6355

4. Let dry and wear them. Or put them in your jewellery box and take some pictures to show off. My absolute favourite are the neon pink ones.IMG_6361

That’s it! Let us know if you give it a try…

First ever attempt at dressmaking

A few weeks ago, ok let’s be honest here we’re talking months, my mum bought “Allemaal rokjes” by Madame ZsaZsa as a little gift for both me and Annelies. For those of you that haven’t heard of this one yet, it’s a little gem full of skirts to make for yourself, your friends, or some of the little lovely ladies in your life. I love the art direction of the book, it’s fun and colourful and makes you want to dive straight in and get going on that first project.

Which is exactly what I did, even though it took my a few months! The delay was mostly due to choosing a fabric to be honest. Crafting fabric is pretty straight forward if you consider it: quilting weight cottons, home dec weight cottons and felt are basically all you need for a huge variety of projects, but when it came to dressmaking I was a bit lost. In the end I decided there’s a limit to the amount of new techniques I can successfully handle in any project without messing up completely, so considering this was my first attempt at dressmaking I decided to stick with quilting cotton.

The next challenge was choosing a print: I didn’t want to make the same mistake as when I made myself a bag, and chose a busy print, which clashes with about every piece of clothing I own resulting in the bag never getting used. In the end I went for Lucie Summers – Summersville – Check Weave in Black : which shouldn’t be too difficult to match with some of the tops I have, while it’s still a fun print.

Now with fabric sorted the only thing left was too make it. All in all it went quite well, the pattern was very clear, instructions relatively easy to follow and except for a few hickups (zipper way too short resulting in me having to put on the skirt over my head for example), I think the end result is pretty good:

Just a few things I’d change next time: maybe try a different type of fabric: the fabric I used  seems to crease really easily, so the back of my skirt will look all crumpled when I’ve been sitting down. I think I need to go a bit bolder on the print, maybe not a busy pattern, but a bright colour would definetly be a good idea. Madame Zsazsa’s book is full of great fabrics, she writes on her blog that she gets some of those in the Netherlands, on markets ( So might have to give that a try!

In any case, I think this was a success, thanks Mme Zsazsa!

Elbow Patches

We all have our favourite sweater we do not get rid off even if it shows some serious signs of wear and tear. Well one of my friends had this problem with his blue cardigan. Both sleeves have rather large wholes at the elbows. He already purchased some ready made elbow patches but didn’t like any of them to match his sweater. So I offered to pimp his elbow patches. Continue reading

Personalised topshop bag

I love my new personalised topshop bag.
I bought this bags a few weeks ago and as soon as I saw it in the shop, I know I had to use the holes to create some fun cross stitch effect. I had some left over chunky yarn (from this project🙂 and so started using that to create a heart cross stitch pattern. Only, I realised halfway through that the yarn was too thick, so I left it at single diagonal stitches and I actually love the effect.

Cross stitch personalised Topshop bag

Details of the stitches

I first spotted this idea on a Fossil bag, apparently they have a bag (Mason) specially made to embellish with cross stitching, as you can see from the picture below, the result is gorgeous. Continue reading