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My post comes a bit late in the day, I’ve just come back from a long weekend in Belgium to celebrate my birthday (on the 1st of April, you know what that means…). I had a great time catching up with friends and I received some lovely presents (the main one being a brand new shiny sewing machine, more on that later).

So with all that celebrating combined with the glorious weather the past few days, I haven’t been very busy this week making things. The project I’ll share with you today then is a little baby quilt I made a while ago, almost a year in fact, for the first baby to arrive in our circle of friends. It’s more or less the project that made me discover how much I liked crafting, so it’s a very special one for me.

It’s my very first quilt, made up of two types of blocks: plain square blocks with an elephant applique on and a diamond block with a bird applique on the centre.

I made this quilt from the pattern and instruction in Sew! by Cath Kidston. I’m a sucker for Cath Kidston patterns to start with and this book is full of great little projects for starters through to experienced crafters. Looking back at the results I’m very happy I bought the book.

The fabrics I used are from the Cloud 9 My Happy Nursery Collection, Cloud 9 only uses organic cotton which makes them particularly suited for projects for baby’s in my opinion (and off course good for the environment too).

I have to say I didn’t quite get the concept of quilting at the time I made this one, so I’m not going to say much about it on this project. Don’t let the pre-quilted backing fabric deceive you: the actual quilting is straight and follows the blocks, what more can I say? I’ll do better next time 😉

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