Baby crib mobile

Baby crib mobile
This baby mobile was made to go with the colour block quilt we posted earlier this month.

From our experience, babies are more interested in mobiles that contain a combination of bold shapes and colours. Therefore we choose an easy star shape and decided to work with contrasting colours on each shape that are also used in the blanket. This way the quilt and mobile match well together and the baby is stimulated by the mobile (which benefits the parents as well).

As a base for the mobile we used a second hand device that is easy to install (screw to the bed/no hanging required) rotates and has a music box with soft lullaby to help the baby enough to fall asleep.

The instructions are pretty easy:

– – Join two pieces of contracting colour fabric with right sides together.

– – Transfer pattern to one side of the fabric.

– – Insert a piece of embroidery thread between the two fabrics that will be use to hand onto the mobile once turned right side out. Make sure the thread is long enough.

– – Stitch along the markings leaving a gap for turning right side out. Double stitch over the thread so it is attached securely.

– – Fill with toy stuffing. As you get more stuffing in, gently push what is already in there to the edges and put new stuffing into the middle. This will help to keep the stuffing even.

– – Slip stitch to close the gap you left to turn right side out.

– – Attached all the pieces to the mobile.

We also used some washi tape over the mobile arms and music box to give it some extra colour.

Baby crib mobileDBaby crib mobileDSC_0711

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