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February is carnaval month and it was time to make my little girls fist costume. There are many easy DIY costumes for babies but most are only cute on kids that can already walk. I needed one for a baby that can only sit and since she will be wearing it to baby school, it needs to be comfortable enough to wear all day.

After a quick search online I came across this cute princess Leia costume easy enough to make yourself. I used an old white t-shirt from dad for the dress and belt and a black one with some toy stuffing for the “hair”. For the dress I just took one of her dresses and used that as a pattern on the t-shirt. There was no need for hemming as I just used the hem of the shirt as the bottom of the dress. The collar of the dress is wide and folds inwards so there is no need for hemming either.

Out of the black t-shirt I cut two long rectangles and stitched them into a tube. Filled the tubes with toy stuffing and turned them into two buns. This I attached to a black hat made out of the t-shirt as well. If you have a small baby hat you can use that as a pattern.

For the belt, just google the real princess Leia belt and make a similar pattern. For the “metal” bits on the belt I just used a thin piece of light grey and dark grey felt.

Et voila…. She seems to be comfortable in it 🙂


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