Neon detail blanket

First of all, happy New Year! What better way to start off the New Year with a cosy blanket? (Unless you live in the southern hemisphere off course…)

In september we went to the fabric sale of Strass, a brand of cute kids clothing. ( They sell off their surplus fabrics at the end of each collection. Sample sales like these are a great way to score some interesting fabrics, at very decent prizes. teddy throw with neon piping

I bought some off white teddy fabric and a great black and white chequered knit fabrics. The squares are tiny, so from far off it looks like a grey knit, but I love the detail if you look closer. Turning these soft and warm fabrics into a cosy couch blanket made sense, they are such warm fabrics, but I needed something to set off the neutral colours, so I added some neon orange piping chord from Veritas… Continue reading