Stiel en Stijl en De Vitrine

I’m officially back in Belgium and next to pleasant activities involving a lot of paperwork such as getting my health insurance sorted, I’ve also found some time for more tedious tasks like visiting craft fairs. (very bad joke I know) Luck was on my side, not only was there one but two of these in the weeks after I’d moved. I’ve enjoyed visiting both Stiel en stijl in Kortbeek-Lo en De Vitrine in Brugge. Both fairs were in fabulous locations, but I especially marvelled at the old industrial location De Vitrine was at,
La Brugeoise.

But enough about the locations, what I’m sure your most interested in is the goodies displayed!¬†Both fairs had a lot of stands in common, Belgium is only a small country after all, so I’ve listed some of the ones that caught my eye specifically:

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