Stiel en Stijl

I’m in a great mood today, except for the fact that I’m working late and still in the office (I would probably not be working so late if I wasn’t ‘wasting my time’ writing a blog instead of working). The reason I’m exited is that I was just reading about an event called Stiel en Stijl on Elza D’s blog.
While I’ve heard about this event before, I haven’t been able to attend yet, it’s a bit far when you live in London. But since I’m moving to Belgium at the end of October – hereby I announce that I’m moving back to Belgium at the end of October – I’ll actually be able to go this year…

Stiel and Stijl is a collective from the area around Leuven in Belgium, they organise a once a year event to exhibit and sell handmade work. This year’s event also features the following:
– book signing session by the likes of Mme Zsazsa of ‘Allemaal rokjes’ fame
– live music
– workshops
More info here:
This is off course exactly our cup of tea, and me and Annelies will be going, hope to see you there!

Surely this a valid proof to my London friends that I’m not completely crazy moving to Belgium??