Sweet tea by Khristian A. Howell

Hi there lovely reader

We’re taking a break for about a week, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so here’s a nice little fabric feature before we go:

There are lots of new fabric lines coming out, which seems to be the direct consequence of quilt market, a mysterious (for me in far Europe anyway) event that seems to have the whole craft world attending.
I have picked up a few favourite upcoming fabrics and will be sharing them over the next couple of weeks with you.
To kick off here’s Sweet Tea by Khristian A. Howell at Anthology fabrics. They’re extending their collection on print fabrics (luckily as the batik stuff really isn’t my, excuse the pun, cup of tea). What attracted me most in this collection was the teal and tangerine palette, and the simplicity of the graphic patterns. There are also some floral pattern in this line, but I’ve left them out as I prefer the more abstract patterns.
Find out more about the collection here: http://www.anthologyfabrics.com/home.php?cat=269

I think these would make a really great project, just have to decide what, but since it’s only coming out in July, I have some more time to think about it!

What would you make with these?

Father’s day


10th of June was father’s day in Belgium. As my boyfriend has been doing a great job since Lilly was born 6 weeks ago, he deserves a first father’s day gift. Now Lilly is still a bit to small to make something so I went and did it for her.

I used a blank romper (from Primark) and added the text I (heart) DAD in applique. See one of my previous posts for a tutorial on applique (click here). To secure the applique I roughly handstichted along the applique using embroidery thread in similar colours as tthe fabric.

Doesn’t she look great!



Knight hoodie

A short post today, I don’t know if you heard about the hoodie that made Esty crash this week.
Some clever designer created a very cool hoodie shaped to look like a knight’s armour. I think both the crafting world and the geek world jumped on this one, with the designs going viral within a few hours and final crashing the designer’s Etsy account. It really isn’t a surprise, have a look:

Full story over here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/yourcommunity/2012/06/suit-of-armour-hoodie-crashes-etsy-shop.html
My geeky boyfriend alerted me to this story, I’m pretty sure he wants one!
Here’s the Etsy listing: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SOFworks (LOVE the description)

Would you want one of these, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

Vanilla Pudding

This week I came across Imperial pudding powder in the super market and decided to make some at home. This is a dessert that reminds me of my childhood. My grandma used to make it with speculoos biscuits. The biscuits would go all soft and we would eat it fresh or chilled from the fridge.

It is so simple to make and the  insructions are on the package. Just add some speculoos to the bottom of your bowl and one on top. Eat straight away when the pudding is still hot and the biscuits crispy or leave in the fridge and eat when chilled.


Half square triangles cot quilt

As mentioned in one my previous posts (Fabric feature – Pezzy by American Jane) I have some projects to share that I made for gorgeous little Lilly, featuring the fabric form my last post: Pezzy by American Jane at Moda.

I’ve made two projects using this fabric. The one which I’ll share today is a little cot quilt inspired by a tutorial over at sew mama sew: http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/2010/10/october-11-crayon-box-quilt-tutorial-winter-peach-giveaway/

I loved this pattern from the moment I saw it, nice and easy for my inexperienced quilting hands, but also simply beautiful with the rhythmic triangle pattern. I enjoyed the process of making it and putting it altogether, and I spent a bit more time actually quilting this one than I did the last (Baby quilt), not too bad for my second quilt. Maybe on the next one I’ll venture into hand quilting!

Here’s some pictures for the work in progress and one more of the finished thing, hope you love the end results as much as I do!