I’m so excited that I’ve won in a giveaway over at Twirling Betty:

Christen from Twirling Betty organised the Giveaway as part of the big Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day. I’ve won the following:

– a gorgeous sun visor, I chose the yellow and white polka dots one, so fifties!

– a copy of “Hat Shop”: a book full of DIY projects for your head. Christen contributed her sun visor pattern to this book, so the standard of projects must be good, looking forward to getting my hands on it…

Lots of thanks to Christen for organising!


How to make a cloud mobile

I made this little mobile for one of my friend’s who’s just had her first baby. I saw some similar projects online, and since these are made out of felt, they’re really easy and quick to do. The result is a very cute (if I say so myself) baby mobile! Read on for the instruction on how to make your own…

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Nursing Cover

At a friends party last week I discovered a great breastfeedig aid: the nursing cover. A friend used this specially made cover for public breastfeeding. It is realy simple to make and allows you to comfortable breastfeed in public spaces without the hassle with blankets. With this cover you have total control and nobody can see a thing! I had a quick look at the design of her coer and made a simple version myself.

This is what you will need:
1. A piece of fabric for the cover (60 X 100 cm)
2. 2 pieces of fabric for the straps (60 X 7 cm)
3. 1 piece of boning of 30 cm long. You can buy this at any fabric store, I bough mine at Veritas
4. 2 D-shaped rings for the straps
5. 2 Triangle-shaped pieces of fabric in case you want to add pockets inside. These can be usefull for storing norsing pads or even your phone during feeding.






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Fabric feature – Pezzy by American Jane

Absolutely love Pezzy by American Jane at Moda:
The print feels retro, but simple enough to use in a variety of projects, and the muted candy colours are just gorgeous.
I bought some of the yellow and blue, and will soon be sharing a very special project for little Lilly made with these fabrics…

Spec sheet from Moda here:

x Stef

Mother’s day gift wrap

Today was Mother’s day in Belgium, and since I was actually lucky enough to be in the same country as my mum this time around, I had to make something special our of the gift wrap. With a few basic tools:

I made this lovely gift wrap for Mother’s day:

Needless to say Mum was impressed (and even more with the voucher for a sport car experience that was inside it, great idea Annelies!). The original tutorial via Martha Stewart can be found here:

Also a massive congratulations to my big sister Annelies, happy first mother’s day!

xxx Stef


Hi All


There will be no post from me this week as my beautiful daughter Lilly was born last Sunday. She was born the morning of 6th May (the calculated due date) at 5 in the morning. She is 53 cm long and weighs 3.5kg. We arrived home from the hospital on Thursday and have had a wonderful time together at home since. So before writing any post I will continue to enjoy the company of my new daughter a bit longer.




Personalised topshop bag

I love my new personalised topshop bag.
I bought this bags a few weeks ago and as soon as I saw it in the shop, I know I had to use the holes to create some fun cross stitch effect. I had some left over chunky yarn (from this project🙂 and so started using that to create a heart cross stitch pattern. Only, I realised halfway through that the yarn was too thick, so I left it at single diagonal stitches and I actually love the effect.

Cross stitch personalised Topshop bag

Details of the stitches

I first spotted this idea on a Fossil bag, apparently they have a bag (Mason) specially made to embellish with cross stitching, as you can see from the picture below, the result is gorgeous. Continue reading