Quilting inspiration – Doreen Wild

My boyfriend Tom’s granny was an avid quilter. Unfortunately I never met her, I would have loved to have a chance to talk to her about her work. She created an amazing collection of quilts for family, friends and charity. I’m so lucky to have one of these at home, and to be able to admire a few more of them at Tom’s parents’ place.

So it only made sense to devote a series of posts to this great lady and her work. Continue reading

A guide to learning how to knit in London

Kicking off this new blog with an exciting topic: knitting!

I’ve recently learn how to knit again (I learnt before from my gran when I was a little girl), luckily it’s like riding a bike, the movements still seemed to be in my fingers. What wasn’t like riding a bike was learning how to purl. I had never learned how to do this before, and it felt really jarring at first. But I managed to get over my initial scepticisim and now I’m enjoying my new-found ability to create all sorts of great patterns.

Here’s how I went about learning to knit: Continue reading

Letterpress tray to jewelry organiser

I bought this lovely letterpress tray on eBay:

It’s such a beautiful piece, especially love the little details: engraved handle, brass plates covering the corners, and a little card slot on the side…

This is the story of how this this little beauty was transformed into a display case for my jewelry.
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